Enterpise Solutions

In addition to building solution-driven products in the cloud, often licensed through a subscription model, our expertise in using proven standards and practices has been invaluable in building applications for our clients.


Enterprise Development

Build enterprise-grade applications for your startup without the hassles of creating and managing a team of competent developers.

Managed Cloud

Downtime is expensive and puts a company's reputation at risk. Let us manage your cloud infrastructure as you foucs on the business.

Database Management

Reliable database management practices and proven automated backup strategies are truly important to the success of every business.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications would conveniently boost the productivity of users using a product and also improve their onboarding experience.


Protect internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data located in the cloud or on-premises from cyberthreats.

Mail Server

Consider a private email server for business when privacy and data protection becomes super important to your business processes.

Blockchain Development

Modern applications now harness the unique features of the blockchain technology to solve problems and create opportunities.

Linux Administration

Manage and configure computer systems in a Linux environment for stability, reporting, backups, updates and disaster recovery.

Digital Strategy

Identify solutions and strategies that connect people to brands crafted for thriving in today’s dynamic and disruptive global marketplace.

Messaging (cPaaS)

Build active front-facing applications for your customers more easily without managing the underlying communications infrastructure.

Bills Payment

Connect to our bills payment platform and automate payments for goods and services to selected merchants home and abroad.

Financial Technology

Innovation and development of technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of global financial services.

Cloud VPN

Implement additional layers of security for enterprises to securely connect their peer networks using an hybrid network solution.

Domain Management

Secure your domain portfolio from external threats by making sure all existing domain names have current registrations and locks.

Hosting Solutions

Hosting solutions built for speed, reliability and security to meet the requirements of businesses, organisations and resellers.

Mileage Cloud Hosting

Premium shared hosting and private servers for websites and applications.

Cuepay FinTech

Online payment gateway for local and International transactions in Nigeria.

Trillion CPaaS

Feature-rich communications stack for businesses, resellers and providers.

Coming Soon
Manysms Messaging

Messaging application for individuals, small businesses and organisations.

Switch Bills Payment

Bills payment platform for businesses and resellers with API connectivity.

Coming Soon
Business Marketplace

One-stop business directory for Nigerian businesses with in-built marketing tools

Coming Soon
Subscribe A2P

Direct application-to-person messaging solution with powerful delivery options.

Coming Soon
Chariot CRM

Church membership technology built for administrators, leaders and members.

Coming Soon
Stockable Ecommerce

Ecommerce white-label built for small businesses with payment integration.

Coming Soon
Cardless FinTech

Generate digital money to pay for goods and services at stores nationwide.

Coming Soon
Photoshare Cloud

Share event photos with friends and families with discretion and privacy.

Coming Soon
Autoboss Auto Services

Everything automobile from turnkey application to servicing and licensing.

Coming Soon
Give Crowdfunding

Fund raising platform for crowdfunding to help individuals in dire need of funds.

Coming Soon
cPanel Control Panel

Licensing partner for popular hosting control panels with payment options.

Coming Soon
Directsale Marketplace

The platform where direct owners can sell directly to prospective customers.

Coming Soon
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